Version 1.4 for Playdate OS 2.0

Version 1.4 of Factory Farming is now available, this version is compiled under the Playdate OS 2.0.

People in Group 4+ with the new Rev B hardware must download at least version 1.4. People in prior groups can continue to use up to version 1.3, or can choose to update to version 1.4 once their Playdate is on OS 2.0 or greater.

Note that if you previously sideloaded via the Playdate website before February 2023 then sideloading again now will create a duplicate entry, see this post for instructions on how to copy over your save game data to the new install.


  • Recompiled under SDK 2.0.0 for Playdate OS 2.0.
  • Added List View icon.
  • Small updates to Russian language translation.

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Jun 13, 2023 577 kB
Jun 13, 2023 19 MB
Jun 13, 2023

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