Factory Farming v1.1 Update

The v1.1 update of Factory Farming has just been published! You can side-load this updated version of the game to your Playdate and your save game will automatically get updated to the latest version when you next load.

New Features

New Utility: Factory Upgrade Module

Build these modules in any empty spaces immediately North, South, East or West of a Factory to boost production rate.

  • 1 Module: Shortens production time by 0.5 seconds.
  • 2 Modules: Shortens production time by 0.75 seconds.
  • 3 Modules: Shortens production time by 1.0 seconds.

Note that upgrade modules cannot be used to shorten any factory's production time below 0.5 seconds. There is no further bonus beyond three modules.

The Factory Upgrade module is a mid-game item, unlocked after the Buffer Box.

New Utility: Rotavator

Building a rotavator will convert the soil in the eight surrounding tiles to loamy soil, allowing for a wider variety of crops to be grown on earlier plots. Removing the rotavator will revert the soil to its previous type.

The rotavator is a late-game item, unlocked after the Packaging Factory.

New Conveyor Piece: Overflow "I" and "L" Splitters

Issues with blocked belts? The overflow conveyor belt pieces act like regular belts, unless its output tile is blocked - in which case the cargo is instead redirected down the overflow direction.

The Overflow "I" and "L" splitters are early-game items, unlocked after the Corn Dog factory.

Performance Optimisations

Updated Default Camera

The camera in v1.0 is always centred on the player, but this then means that the background must scroll every time that the player moves. In v1.1 the new default camera only scrolls as you approach the edge of the screen. Keep moving and it will centre on the player again.

The v1.0 behaviour can be restored by choosing "Centre Camera on Player" from the menu.

Aggressive Sprite Culling

The list of sprites sent for display is now even more strongly culled based on the camera's location, this further improves rendering performance in dense areas of the factory - at the expense of a bit more cargo pop-in when moving fast.

Graphics & World Generation

New Annoyance: Obstruction Clusters

I did not think that regions of obstructed ground were creating sufficient challenge, now when an obstruction is placed there is a 5% chance that it will spawn a cluster of obstructions.

This change will only affect newly generated worlds after moving to v1.1

New World Feature: Rivers from Lakes

Rivers can now generate flowing from a lake.

This change will only affect newly generated worlds after moving to v1.1

New Conveyor Graphic: Corners!

Conveyor belts which make right-angle turns now have a specific sprite (I am not sure why it took me this long to add these, but there were many edge-cases!).

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Just updated my game to 1.1 via side load and when I opened the game, slot 1 says "New Game". Did my save get lost or is the game confused??

Hello Xenosous, Panic recently changed the way that side loading via the website works. It means that v1.1 will have been installed for you in a different folder than v1.0 and that you'll need to plug you Playdate into a computer to copy the save files across.

You probably also need to save a game in the new version first, such that the game's save folder gets created (e.g. if your main game is on slot 1, then start a game on slot 3).

I'll try and post some more detailed instructions later on.

Well how about that! I managed to get the saves copied from the old folder to the new folder, and now it works. Thank you! (⁠ノ⁠^⁠_⁠^⁠)⁠ノ

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Glad to hear that Xenosous! You won't be the only person affected by this change, I just posted https://timboe.itch.io/factory-farming/devlog/489649/feb-2023-sideload-changes-t... to help others.

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